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Sub Contractor Appointments

Do you have to manage Sub-Contractor appointments across many jobs?

Online Scheduler saves time booking Sub-Contractor appointments....

Forget post it notes or complicated excel spreadsheets, by using BusinessFlow's online calendar the whole process can be both streamlined and centralised  there by removing a host of paper work. 

Key Features:

  • Easy to use.
  • Viewable via on-line web page
  • Give sub-contractors their own log-in
  • You can view calendar by each sub-contractor or as one company calendar
  • Easily enter non job appointments such as holidays.
  • Make appointments as you add a sub-contractor to the job.
  • Make appointments for 1 hour, 1 day or multiple days in one go.
Making a Sub-Contractor Appointment

1. Choose your sub-contractor from a list that match your requirements.


2. Calendar automatically opens.
3. Click required date

4. Enter details about the job and the start/end times.


5. Once a booking has been made the next day is presented with the same details populated for a repeat booking.
6  Editing a Booking - click the relevant entry and make any changes.


Sub-Contractors can login via the internet and view their appointments on a day by day basis.  Chose whether they can just view their appointments or whether they can view every ones.