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Sub-Contractors - Online Mobile Worker Portal

Effective On-line Web Portal Ensures Contractor & Engineer reports are easily submitted

How much time is spent getting contractors and engineers to submit their job sheets and reports about the work they have completed. Not getting the information in a timely way makes you look bad to your clients, delays invoicing and wastes time following up. An easy to use web portal makes it simple for them to give you the feedback that you need......

Creating and Sending web links

Accessing a  web portal should be as easy as checking a parcel delivery!   A simple encrypted web link should take the contractor or engineer directly to a web page,  no login required, they simply enter the times worked, work done, parts and further work required and click submit. The report should automatically be saved against the job.

The link should be easily created and added to emails or work instructions

Mobile worker submitting reports to you

Getting contractors and engineers to adopt new technology can be a challenge and the training and simplicity of the system is key to ensuring that any new process is quickly taken on-board.

The straight forward web link approach mentioned above is an easy way for the contractor / engineer to access the web page and fill in their details, it should be a very simple page, similar to this one:


Reviewing Complete job history

Any reports made by contractors should be logged directly to the job and all reports should be easily accessed and utilised within the software program. BusinessFlow Online software provides access to mobile worker notes from the main job edit screen:


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