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Improving Communications with SMS text messaging

Improving Customer Satisfaction:

There are many reasons to keep your customers, employees and contractors updated with the latest job progress or changes to the work or schedule for which you or they have been contracted. You might even have the need to contact and keep updated your customer's customer say for example to arrange an appointment or change to a visit. Whatever the reason;. keeping everyone informed with the latest job updates is essential to maintain and deliver a positive customer experience. 

Customer Updates are particularly important and how and when you update them will depend upon your customer's expectations, the industry, the type of work and the technology you have access to. 

Type of work: A product ordered on-line will require and different set of customer updates compared to say providing a service. A customer ordering a product on-line will need to know when it has shipped, expected delivery date etc. While a customer expecting a service call will need to know engineer arrival times and any delays.

Customer Expectations:
Business customers will need to be treated differently than dealing with the general public. Business customers may well place multiple repeat orders and for some business models, one or two business customers can sometimes be as much as 80% of the companies total business - clearly these customer need special attention as losing just one could have drastic consequences. Whilst orders to the general public are typically more infrequent single orders, they deserve equally as much attention - the general public are more likely to use social media to voice their frustrations at poor customer service (e.g. trip advisor, facebook), which could also have very damaging results for your business. What ever your customer base consists of you will need to identify the key stages where the customer needs to be kept informed. 

These days most people and companies have mobiles phones for text messages and computer systems for emails so there is no reason why customer should not be informed.

Key Ingredient:

Often keeping the customer updated comes down to employees and individuals who care for and understand how to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction. Making the update process as easy as possible and part of the normal business can greatly enhance regular and timely updates for your customers. 

Automating and Simplifying the SMS Text updates:

One easy way to achieve this is to integrate the updates into your business software. Whilst the employee is updating a job with the latest information they can simply send a SMS text message directly to the customer from within the program.  It's simple and very effective. SMS text messages can also be used for updating sub-contractors and arranging site visits. 

We recommend BusinessFlow Online Job Management Software to send SMS Text messages direct from the program - Click Here to learn more

It's very easy and straightforward to set up the texting service. BusinessFlow Online use a company called "Text Local". You create an account with this company and buy your text credits direct from them. You will be given a unique login and user code that needs to be entered into the BusinessFlow's configuration. 

Once the set-up is complete you can start texting immediately. There are no other hidden costs.BusinessFlow Online provides an easy way to construct and save your most common text messages and reuse them time and time again. There are a many 'print codes'  that you can embed into the standard text message that will be auto populated from your job (e.g. the sites address, or your contact's name). You simple need to select the required pre-written standard text message, names and addresses are automatically added and click send.


Then simply select the required mobile number from your contact list and select the required pre-written text message:


BusinessFlow Online has many other ways to help your staff to provide updates to your customer, employees and contractors. Including: Emailing direct from the program, customer web portal and of course the SMS text messages.

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