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Sub-Contractors - Searching and Selecting

Do you work with sub-contractors across the country to fulfill your contracts?

How do you find the right skills in the right areas?

Select Job Management software which has a comprehensive system for recording, searching and tracking sub-contractors using postcodes, skills, times and preference. This will make your business more effective and professional  .....

Saving the Sub-Contractor's details

Every sub-contractor is stored in the sub-contractor's database and includes:

  • Name & Address details
  • Contractor misc notes
  • Defines the time frame that the contractors will work e.g. mon-fri, week-end, days, evening, nights etc...
  • Record and set the keys dates for each contractor e.g. Gas safe, Safe Contractor etc...
  • Place the contractor "on hold" so they cannot be selected
  • Rate the contractor e.g. 1=preferred, 4 least preferred
All sub-contractors are shown in the grid and are colour coded according to the preferences that have been set. Screen shot below: 


In addition each contractor can be assigned to the post code regions that they work in and also the skill sets that they can provide e.g. Plumber, electrician etc. This allows a comprehensive and flexible search's to be made.


Searching for Sub-Contractors

This feature is extremely useful when you have multiple sub-contractors working all over the country.

The BusinessFlow software provides the ability for users to locate and select specific contractors required for the job. Users can search by:

  • Postcode of the job
  • Skill set required
  • Time frame that the contractor will work


How to get more on this topic:

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