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A Job sheet or sometimes referred to as a job card is a document used by many businesses to document the work required to be completed by employees and engineers. The employee will complete the work and then write their results and comments on the jobs sheet which is returned back to their manager / office for further processing.

The job sheets is set out in a particular layout to suit the needs of a business. It will contain the relevant information related to the job which the staff / engineer which they will use as the basis to complete the job. The job sheet might include such things as: the customer address, any job reference information such as order number and drawing number. The job sheet can also include parts required on the job as well as any drawings,

There should be sufficient room on the job sheet for the staff / engineer to complete notes about the work that they have completed, the parts used and depending on the function of the sheet; the times spent on the job. Some job sheets have a section to capture the customers signature which should represent their satisfaction with the work completed.

The job sheet is by far the most concise and simplest way to track the steps and history of a job as it progresses through the various business process steps.

What is a job sheet template?

A job sheet template is a 'master' copy of the job sheet which contains all the layout and design elements which can be used to produce the job sheet time and time again. There is adequate space in the design for the job notes, times worked, parts used etc. 

The name "job sheet" is a common name which can cover a whole range of business documentation across a wide range of industries. Other names given to business forms and documentation could be: work sheets, time sheets, certificates, invoices, order sheet, quotation sheet, business sheet, in fact any business document that is used to record any business process information and is then passed on for further annotation by other employees.

Job sheets are often very specific to the needs of each business. So having a good free job sheet template as a starting point can save a lot of time and give you an idea of how to format them.  

If you are interested in having professional job sheets let us design them for you - FOR FREE! When you use our Mobile Jobsheet System: It has a simple Management Web Portal which is linked to your mobile engineers & staff. Your mobile engineers & staff use either our Android(TM) App or our Apple(TM) App to capture: notes, times worked, parts used, images, customer signatures and then simply upload the jobs back to the management web portal where the system stores the data and produces a bespoke job sheet based on your design and is emailed to your office

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