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Customer Web Portal

On-line Web Portal Saves Time & Improves Customer Satisfaction

The Customer Web Portal is an optional addition the the BusinessFlow Online Software System. The web portal links certain information in real time directly with a series of web pages that the client can access with their own name and password. They can only access their own jobs and only the sites you give them permission for.

Our customers' tell us of the following benefits using the Customer Web Portal:

  • Clients can get their own job updates in real time (before they relied on an email from us)
  • Clients' can send messages which are logged in the portal and an email is sent
  • Documents and images can be uploaded and shared by both you and the client
  • Customers can only see the information you choose to share
  • Customers can access & print copies of their invoices
  • Customers can request quotes and give order instructions

Indirect benefits of using the portal:

The Customer Web Portal gives a professional image and assuming you actively update the jobs with the latest job status customers' can get real time updates and therefore leads to increased customer satisfaction with your company.

How to get more on this topic:

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