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What is Business Automation

Reducing time and effort to complete all the Steps in Your Business Process from Sales to Invoicing:

A great way to think of business automation is to imagine all the “steps” in your business (e.g. from the start of your sales process to enquiries, creating & delivering the product to invoicing and payment) as the water flowing in a river. Sharp bends, mud banks, narrows, rocks, and weirs in the river all delay its progress and the speed of which the water (the steps in your business) will ultimately reach the sea. In a similar way how a new enquiry gets recorded, turned into a new order, product created, packaged and delivered will have a big impact on customer satisfaction, business efficiency, staffing levels and ultimately profitability. Like the river, if you can remove obstacles, to make the journey straighter and to widen the pinch points..... your business will reap the benefits!

Business Automation is therefore the process a business uses to improve efficiency and in turn reduce costs. It consists of integrating tasks and actions across functions, cutting labour wherever possible and using the power of software applications. Business owners can reap large benefits by constantly looking for incremental opportunities to make business processes more efficient and reduce problems in their products, services and customer satisfaction.

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How to get more on this topic:

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