Business Automation Software

Everything to automate your business from Job sheets to full job management and job tracking

Considerations for Choosing Business Automation

Things to look out for when selecting software include:

Selecting the right tools and software will greatly assist in achieving a smooth transition. 

  • System Flexibility – is the software flexible enough to accommodate your way of working or do you have to compromise to accommodate the software? Improving the business workflow by definition means changing the way things will be done, but for good business reasons not a piece of software.
  • System outputs (documents / reports) – The goal of a paperless business has been around for a very long time, but in reality documentation needs to be produced at key stages. Does the system allow you to design and create your own templates or does the vendor need to do this for you?
  • Integration with Web, Mobiles and PC’s – We already mentioned flexibility, but the flexibility to connect to the system database using web portals, PC’s and Mobile web pages is becoming more and more critical and this is especially true if you have remote field engineers and sales staff.
  • Ease of use – the system should be easy to learn and intuitive. While this might seem an obvious thing to say, yet every company will say their software is easy to use, but “words are cheap” and this certainly isn’t the case in practice. Give it a full test drive, show the software working to colleagues and get there feedback.
  • Vendor support – what is the vendors after sales support policy and how do they actually perform. Always ask for references where you can call an existing customer for first-hand experience. If you have a system problem then you want to be sure that the vendors technical support engineer will be available at the end of the phone immediately or certainly within the hour.


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