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BusinessFlow PRO - Solar Calculator

BusinessFlow Solar Pro is designed specifically for UK Solar panel installers. It's a small Windows based program where users enter the customer and solar panel system details and with the click of a button produces example payback report. Easily add quotation and order forms*. Can be modified  to ensure you meet any industry and association requirements.


  • Business Flow Solar Calculator is based on the UK MIS3002 


  • Fill-in the 'built-in' sunpath diagram, which is exported to the quotation.  By clicking on a arein the Sunpath diagram which will turn red when selected the system automatically calculates the shading factor


The Solar Calculator has a set of default payback assumptions which can easily be modified and used in the pay back calculations which are vital to your customers.


Frequently asked to quote for more then one installation? so your customers can decide which installation is best for them.  BusinessFlow Solar Calculator allows you to quote up to 3 solar installations, all details will then beexported out to your quote.


All documentation is produced as a PDF and although there are default template provided with the software we can customise your documentation to suit your business and is included in the £150 + VAT one off price.  See our website for full details and where you can buy this amazing Solar Calculator