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What is Business Automation

A great way to think of business automation is to imagine all the “steps” in your business (e.g. from the start of your sales process to enquiries, creating & delivering the product to invoicing and payment) as the water flowing in a river. Sharp bends, mud banks, narrows, rocks, and weirs in the river all delay its progress and the speed of which the water (the steps in your business) will ultimately reach the sea. In a similar way how a new enquiry gets recorded, turned into a new order, product created, packaged and delivered will have a big impact on customer satisfaction, business efficiency, staffing levels and ultimately profitability. Like the river, if you can remove obstacles, to make the journey straighter and to widen the pinch points..... your business will reap the benefits! [more]

Business Automation is therefore the process a business uses to improve efficiency and in turn reduce costs. It consists of integrating tasks and actions across functions, cutting labour wherever possible and using the power of software applications. Business owners can reap large benefits by constantly looking for incremental opportunities to make business processes more efficient and reduce problems in their products, services and customer satisfaction.

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Efficiently putting all parts of your company together can be a challenge......

Benefits of Business Automation....

The key advantage of PC’s and software is the ability to logically organise data, save it and retrieve it. Couple this with the ability to share information access the information from the web, PC’s and phones gives huge opportunity to eliminate waste. Benefits can be seen :

Significantly reduce time spent handling, retrieving, filing distributing, copying, organising and searching for paperwork.

Greater consistency by streamlining data input, reusing data already entered and automating the creation of documents based on predefined templates.

A more structured method of workflow means methods of doing business are maintained by all staff which also means training new staff becomes a lot easier.

Management reports and information becomes an integral part of day to day operations, leading to better decisions by all levels within the organisation.


Identifying the Benefits of Business Automation.....

There are two aspects to identifying what can be done:

 a)      Ability to recognise inefficiencies in the business process or what is stopping or slowing the water in the river – for example:

-          Where are the biggest time lags and delays in the process

-          Awareness of data quality issues

-          Repetitive actions  

-          Intensive labour efforts

-          Duplication of tasks like data entry or re-entering information

 b)      And being aware of the solutions available is critical – some of the solutions to improve the business are sometimes obvious and I’m sure most managers and employees performing their tasks can identify the areas that are holding them back. They know instinctively which processes are poorly defined, where paperwork is inefficient and information duplicated. But our concern in this article is on using the latest technology to overcome some of the more difficult issues. It’s the way the technology solutions are integrated to work with each other that becomes the real advantage. These include:

-          Using PC’s and dedicated software

-          Customer web portals to allow customers to view specified data and upload their own data

-          Mobile phone applications to allow remote data entry and access to new data in real time