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Improving Communications with SMS text messaging

Improving Customer Satisfaction:

There are many reasons to keep your customers, employees and contractors updated with the latest job progress or changes to the work or schedule for which you or they have been contracted. You might even have the need to contact and keep updated your customer's customer say for example to arrange an appointment or change to a visit. Whatever the reason;. keeping everyone informed with the latest job updates is essential to maintain and deliver a positive customer experience. 

Customer Updates are particularly important and how and when you update them will depend upon your customer's expectations, the industry, the type of work and the technology you have access to. More...

What is Business Automation

Reducing time and effort to complete all the Steps in Your Business Process from Sales to Invoicing:

A great way to think of business automation is to imagine all the “steps” in your business (e.g. from the start of your sales process to enquiries, creating & delivering the product to invoicing and payment) as the water flowing in a river. Sharp bends, mud banks, narrows, rocks, and weirs in the river all delay its progress and the speed of which the water (the steps in your business) will ultimately reach the sea. In a similar way how a new enquiry gets recorded, turned into a new order, product created, packaged and delivered will have a big impact on customer satisfaction, business efficiency, staffing levels and ultimately profitability. Like the river, if you can remove obstacles, to make the journey straighter and to widen the pinch points..... your business will reap the benefits! More...

Considerations for Choosing Business Automation

Things to look out for when selecting software include:

Selecting the right tools and software will greatly assist in achieving a smooth transition. 

  • System Flexibility – is the software flexible enough to accommodate your way of working or do you have to compromise to accommodate the software? Improving the business workflow by definition means changing the way things will be done, but for good business reasons not a piece of software.
  • System outputs (documents / reports) – The goal of a paperless business has been around for a very long time, but in reality documentation needs to be produced at key stages. Does the system allow you to design and create your own templates or does the vendor need to do this for you?
  • Integration with Web, Mobiles and PC’s – We already mentioned flexibility, but the flexibility to connect to the system database using web portals, PC’s and Mobile web pages is becoming more and more critical and this is especially true if you have remote field engineers and sales staff.
  • Ease of use – the system should be easy to learn and intuitive. While this might seem an obvious thing to say, yet every company will say their software is easy to use, but “words are cheap” and this certainly isn’t the case in practice. Give it a full test drive, show the software working to colleagues and get there feedback.
  • Vendor support – what is the vendors after sales support policy and how do they actually perform. Always ask for references where you can call an existing customer for first-hand experience. If you have a system problem then you want to be sure that the vendors technical support engineer will be available at the end of the phone immediately or certainly within the hour.


Benefits of business automation


The key advantage of PC’s and software is the ability to logically organise data, save it and retrieve it. Couple this with the ability to share information access the information from the web, PC’s and phones gives huge opportunity to eliminate waste. Benefits can be seen :

Significantly reduce time spent handling, retrieving, filing distributing, copying, organising and searching for paperwork.

Greater consistency by streamlining data input, reusing data already entered and automating the creation of documents based on predefined templates.

A more structured method of workflow means methods of doing business are maintained by all staff which also means training new staff becomes a lot easier.

Management reports and information becomes an integral part of day to day operations, leading to better decisions by all levels within the organisation.


How to identify automation opportunities


There are two aspects to identifying what can be done:


a)      Ability to recognise inefficiencies in the business process or what is stopping or slowing the water in the river – for example:


-          Where are the biggest time lags and delays in the process

-          Awareness of data quality issues

-          Repetitive actions  

-          Intensive labour efforts

-          Duplication of tasks like data entry or re-entering information



b)      And being aware of the solutions available is critical – some of the solutions to improve the business are sometimes obvious and I’m sure most managers and employees performing their tasks can identify the areas that are holding them back. They know instinctively which processes are poorly defined, where paperwork is inefficient and information duplicated. But our concern in this article is on using the latest technology to overcome some of the more difficult issues. It’s the way the technology solutions are integrated to work with each other that becomes the real advantage. These include:


-          Using PC’s and dedicated software

-          Customer web portals to allow customers to view specified data and upload their own data

-          Mobile phone applications to allow remote data entry and access to new data in real time


In the Cloud - what does it mean?

Businesses are moving into the clouds, what does that mean to the average business.

Cloud Technology is a jargon name for running a program on many connected computers at the same time over a network usually the internet or simply put it is computing based on the internet.

It allows small business access to technologies that were not within their reach before.


  1. You do not have to hire some one to install/update software run backups etc. all that responsibility is the cloud vendors
  2. You do not have to buy software.
  3. You do not have to so much system hardware for data storage, backups.
  4. Software is regularly updated so you are always up to date


  1. You may have downtime, if your internet connection is lost or your provider suffer an outage
  2. Security Issues all you precious data is out there
  3. Inflexibility you may be restricting your business process to their formats which may not be compatible with conventional formats such as Microsoft word etc.
  4. Lack of support, you need to make sure that in the event of any problems that you can contact the vendor by phone, email as a last resort. 

What services you may already be using that is a cloud technology:

  1. Hotmail
  2. Gmail
  3. Flickr
  4. Google Maps
  5. Microsoft Office 365






How can technology be used to automate your business processes




In today’s competitive world, businesses gain significant advantage by using the latest technologies to engage with customers, employees, and suppliers. With the right technology and knowledge business automation can be taken to a new level.


 There’s a huge raft of standalone gadgets and tools that certainly help and save time, but sometimes you are then presented with many different systems to manage and none of them talking together. The real skill comes when all those systems are linked together in to a streamlined solution. You then reap the benefits of saving employee time freeing them from repeat operations with more consistent and reliable data, increased customer satisfaction through quicker and more professional responses and enhanced communications between employees to name just a few of the benefits.

These benefits can be realised by all sizes of company wanting to simplify their workflow and free them up from mundane tasks. Employing a specialist company like Infotek Software Ltd will help you in saving your business time, improving efficiency and keeping you in control. Infotek Software Ltd combine our business experience along with our tried and tested tools to provide you a joined up system.

This series of posts will cover the following topic over the coming weeks