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eBay Shop? Quick and Easy way to create Invoices and Delivery Notes

With the rise of eBay more and more businesses are selling their products online and on eBay, but find their biggest headache is creating the invoices and delivery notes ready for dispatch. At BusinessFlow we have created an easy to use solution that will quickly import all the sales from eBay and create the invoice and delivery notes for you at the click of a few buttons.

From one bay import, BusinesFlow will do the following:

  • Insert a customer into the customer database if they do not already exist
  • Create a new lead as an eBay import - easy using our reporting software to see how much of you business is due to eBay
  • Associate a job with the lead and add all the products your customer has bought
  • Create an invoice including Post and Packaging
  • Mark the invoice as paid
  • All you have to so is print the invoice,delivery note and dispatch the goods

What could be easier.

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Ever Considered an E-Bay Shop?

Online retail sales increased by 14% last year to more than 50 billion transactions, on average an online shopper spent £1500 each on 39 items last year. With these statistics can you afford not to have an online shop? However setting up a shop can be time consuming and costly so why not consider an E-Bay shop.

One of the major advantages of an eBay shop is that you do not have to have a website or a merchant bank account to start trading. In addition E-Bay attracts visitors by the bucket load, so not having to optimise your website is another bonus. E-Bay provide you will all the tools necessary to start selling online and you can do it yourself without having to go to the expense of a web developer.       

All is takes is 3 easy steps
1.Register as a seller on EBay and open a sellers account with a credit card and a bank account
2.Open an eBay shop by choosing a shop name, choose a subscription level, build and customise your shop. As a default EBay will give you all the general features that are popular with sellers. Once you are more proficient you will be able to customise your shop
3.Stock your shop and start selling with one of two formats (Auction or Buy Now) EBay will give you the facility to send out newsletters to promote your products and the ability to create special offers
E-Bay has made selling even easier by creating a special CSV file containing information on all the sales from your E-Bay account e.g. customer names, addresses, products sold, amounts etc.. The file can be opened in excel and allows you to manipulate the information to create invoices, delivery notes etc.. A better way to deal with the information would be to import it into your invoicing and job management software where all the hard work creating jobs and invoices is done for you. BusinessFlow ONLINE will do exactly this. It will take the E Bay CSV file and for each customer create an account, if they are not already in the system, then add to this account what they have purchased, create a delivery note and an invoice ready to print and mark off as paid.

So once the order is placed there is very little for you to do except print out the paper work and send the parcel out the door.