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Customer signatures

Capturing customers signatures after your engineer/field operative has done the required work is becoming more important to a business. Originally confined to the likes of delivery companies with their special hand devices,  well this is no longer the case as businesses can now capture signatures with nothing more than a mobile phone and BusinessFlow mobile web pages.  The signature can be checked and redone if necessary and then attached to all paperwork and emailed back to the office - what could be simpler


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Going Mobile - Engineers and staff in the field

BusinessFlow Mobile AppIs your idea of going mobile using your mobile phone for e-mail, calendar, and contacts? This is just scratching the surface of what is possible with modern mobile technology. Yes, there is a convenience factor when it comes to responding to a quick e-mail while out for the evening or at the kid's rugby match, but that's not radically improving the business processes themselves. Does it cut the time from taking an order to getting paid? Are customers seeing improved quality of service and response – these are the true returns on the investment of going mobile.

Businesses everywhere are going mobile. With tablets, note books, and phones and to complicate things they all have different operating systems like “Android”, “Apple”, or “Windows Mobile 8”, all of which are competing to be the preferred system of choice. But which staff should get these new toys, how do you integrate them into your existing business and what are the real advantages?

The sales team is one of the easier roles to justify mobile access, they spend in excess of 85 % of their time on the road, and having the ability to connect to the office for such tasks as sales lead tracking, CRM, and access to documentation which gives everyone back at the office a real-time status of sales performance. Another obvious role is that of Field engineers; comments, parts used and hours spent on a job can immediately be recorded and posted back at the office. The office can order parts, organise further visits or send out the invoice - all in a heartbeat.

Talking about going mobile is all great, but at the heart you need systems that talk together. Phones and tablets connected to your office software. There are many systems and possibilities; you only have to search the web to see some of the options. An example of one such mobile solution is “BusinessFlow MOBILE”. This is a web application that works as well on Iphone as it does on Android and Windows phone. These connect the engineers mobile phone to either BusinessFlow ONLINE or to BusinessFlow LOCAL and allow engineers in the field to download their assigned jobs, change the job status, enter notes and send both customer and admin. emails; thus keeping both parties up to date. Should a job be cancelled or a new job added to a workload all that information is available immediately on an engineers phone.


How can going Mobile help your Business.




There are a variety of ways that a mobile phone can help your business


Lead Generation


Your sales team can enter new prospects into your system so valuable information is never lost and then prospect can be automatically assigned to someone for follow up action.


Quotation Process


Quotes can be compiled, images uploaded and emailed or texted straight away no more waiting for a business to get back to you.


Field Engineers


Being in the field should not mean out of touch or that they cannot communicate back to you details of a job or parts used. Engineers can sign in and report the status of a job . add any job comments , parts used  and time spent on the job .  At anytime emails can be sent to the client detailing the status of the job and a full report sent back to head office.


Asset Inspections.


Go on site and inspect, feed the results directly back to head office and notify the customer of any details such as pass/fail or any actions they have to address.

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Getting the right mobile solution for you -


Smart  phones and tablets come in a variety of flavours Apple, Windows, Android, Blackberry  all with completely different operating systems so unfortunately one App does not fit all.  If you are able to supply your field engineers with the same make and model of phone or tablet then is fine maybe a bespoke  or off the shelf solution is the way to go .  The advantage of am App that runs on the device is that if you are in areas without coverage the application will still work and you will be able to communicate any information once you are back in coverage If that is not possible then perhaps an alternative solution is a web based application which will be viewable on all Smart phones/tablets via their web browser.  The advantage of this solution is that any changes are made on a server in the cloud and your engineers will get the latest pages as soon as they log on but the downside is that they will always have to be in coverage for it to work.


So before you plunge engage a developer or pay to download the latest App there are a few things to consider:-


  • What devices do I want to use to run this application?


  •  What information do I want to capture


  • Do I wish that information to be fed into any other database/system or talk directly to any other system/database


  • Will my engineers be constantly in mobile phone coverage?


  • Will I want to update my program on a regular basis and what is the best way to achieve this.

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Is going mobile right for your business?


 Have you noticed how many people are now using smartphones and tablets? Have you seen the number of mobile apps that have been downloaded? It's now gone over 100 Billion!  Are you aware that smartphones, tablets and apps give the majority of businesses the ideal way in which to build customer relationships, develop loyalty, become more efficient and provide enhanced revenue


A lot of business people in very competitive industries, know all this and are in the process of introducing their own mobile app solutions. You may have seen mobile apps from your larger competitors already. If you have, chances are your smaller competitors are in the process of developing their first mobile app. You see, with smart phones, tablets and apps, the cost has come right down and now smaller businesses can develop apps that are ideal for their customers at a fraction of what previous bespoke software cost. What this means is that people who spot the changes with the move to smart phones  are likely to take action and produce an app that is ideal for your customer.