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Everything to automate your business from Job sheets to full job management and job tracking

Sales Tracking and CRM.....

For those companies wanting to track every sales lead, from their progress through your sales "pipeline" right through to conversion then we have these features and more already part of BusinessFlow ONLINE. What's more once the sales lead has been converted a job is automatically generated allowing all the normal BusinessFlow Job Tracker features to be used.

Keeping your customers happy

Customer / Supplier / Staff - Web Portal.....
Having information about the work in progress, sharing documentation, and getting 'real time' updates from customers, suppliers and staff in the field is a great way to improve operating efficiency. Not only that, customer service & satisfaction can be greatly enhanced by keeping them informed and having the information they need available at the click of a button.
Look at how a BusinessFlow customer portal will keep your customers happy

Customer Relation Management - What is it

You have heard of Customer Relationship Management CRM but not sure exactly what it is? .  Various definitions are around here are a few

  • CRM is the development and maintenance of mutually beneficial long-term relationships with strategically significant customers  - Source Buttle , 2000
  • CRM is an integrated set of business processes and enabling technologies in support of consistent entry management and use of customers related information across and between channels of sales and service  - Source DHL CRM master class.

In simple terms it means that is you use a CRM business philosophy your customers are king and are at the heart of everything your business does.  A CRM process is a means to capture and analyse your customer information and build a value driven long term relationship with your customers.  To a degree all business follow some form of CRM system and with the costs associated with finding new customers it makes sense to nurture your existing customers after all they are a potential asset to your business.  The more information that you collect about your customers the more you can understand them and use this information to get more.

 Benefits of a CRM system

  • Streamlined sales and marketing process
  • increased sales productivity
  • identify cross sales and up sales opportunities
  • improve customer service
  • increase efficiency
  • increase customer conversions
  • reduce marketing
  • Increase Sales