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Customer Web Portal

On-line Web Portal Saves Time & Improves Customer Satisfaction

The Customer Web Portal is an optional addition the the BusinessFlow Online Software System. The web portal links certain information in real time directly with a series of web pages that the client can access with their own name and password. They can only access their own jobs and only the sites you give them permission for. More...

Sub-Contractors - Online Mobile Worker Portal

Effective On-line Web Portal Ensures Contractor & Engineer reports are easily submitted

How much time is spent getting contractors and engineers to submit their job sheets and reports about the work they have completed. Not getting the information in a timely way makes you look bad to your clients, delays invoicing and wastes time following up. An easy to use web portal makes it simple for them to give you the feedback that you need...... More...

Sub-Contractors - Tracking Performance

Do you work with sub-contractors?

How do you rate and track sub-contractors' performance on each job?

The ability to rate each visit made by a sub-contractor on a job by job basis will provide a very effective method to identify the best and worse performing sub-contractors...... More...

Sub-Contractors - Searching and Selecting

Do you work with sub-contractors across the country to fulfill your contracts?

How do you find the right skills in the right areas?

Select Job Management software which has a comprehensive system for recording, searching and tracking sub-contractors using postcodes, skills, times and preference. This will make your business more effective and professional  ..... More...