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Everything to automate your business from Job sheets to full job management and job tracking

Network your computer

If you have several people working in your office and they all need to access the same information, then you can simply "network" BusinessFlow to enable each PC to share the same database.

You will need a full copy installed on each PC. Choose where you would like to store the main database, then link each PC to that database.

See our networking help pages for further information.

Easily create a blank Jobsheet

 Create a blank jobsheet for those unexpected phones calls out in the field.

Ideally every job would be pre-planned, entered into Jobsheet PRO and a professional jobsheet produced for your staff in the field. However, sometimes you may have an ad-hoc phone call with an emergency visit required. In these circumstances the engineer will need to fill-in a blank jobsheet / document and then submit it to the office.

Printing a blank document is very easy. Simply check the "create a blank document" checkbox and then click the "create" button

See our printing a blank document help pages for further information.

Easily reload job/quote/invoice

Any job / quote / invoice can be recalled and loaded back into the system for further editing or tracking.

Simply click the "Reload Job" button at the top right of the edit screen and then select the required job in the grid or search for the job using the search text boxes.

See our reloading existing job help pages for further information.

Reference fields

There are ten reference fields where the title can be changed to suit your business requirements.

Each field/text box has a small button to the right. Clicking on this button will bring up a new area where the title can be altered. You can record such things as "order number, "engineer assigned", "brief job description", has the job been invoiced or quote sent and many other uses specific to your industry.

See our reference title help pages for further information.                                                    

Create your own Jobsheet/Quote/Invoice Templates

Our template system allows you to easily change the design or alternatively send us your design/changes and we will do it for you.

What's more, you can add additional templates which serve different purposes. For example: a job sheet for commercial work, one for domestic customers, maybe one can be a standard letter or contract you need to produce?

We have created templates for customers from one page to 3 or even 4 pages in length where they need a copy for the engineer, one for the customer ond one for head office.

See our template help pages for further information.

Are you damaging your cashflow ?

Cash flow affects every small businesses and in these difficult times getting payment for goods and services is becoming more and more difficult.   Businesses are finding that long held customers are filing for bankruptcy or closing down leaving them with unpaid invoices.

According to a study by FreeAgent an accounting system provider small businesses are  taking too long to chase their unpaid invoices or giving their customers too much leeway in the first place.  When running a small business ideally you need to be chasing customers as soon as the invoice becomes over due not waiting a month or two or when you have trouble paying your wages bill or your own bills.  Setting time aside each week will ensure you know who owes you money and how much. 

BusinessFlow's invoices to generate report gives you a quick snap shot of how many invoices are outstanding how much they owe , as well as how many days they are overdue, This easy to use report allows you to group by customer and then then quickly produce an account statement giving each customer a breakdown of what invoice has been issued and the status of each invoice.


The above report is colour coded so you can easily see which invoices are over 90 days old and need immediate action.  The total amount of invoices outstanding will keep you focussed on collecting money.

This list of invoices can be exported to excel or printed out so you can shared the tasks of contacting customers between people.

BusinessFlow also gives you an account statement for each customer detailing which invoices have been paid and which ones are yet to be paid


Grouping outstanding invoices by customer gives you a total of how much is owed by each customer



Finally for those businesses that have a lot of jobs at any one time BusinessFlow provides you with an invoices to generate report which will display all those jobs where invoices have yet to be issues making sure you have complete control and do not forget to invoice someone


Keeping it all together - going mobile in the field

Mobile Job Sheets

Increasingly business expect to remain in touch with their engineers and to be able to share information, as mentioned in a previous post, the problem is there are so many devices with different operating systems to choose from.  Unless you make the business decision to buy all your engineers the same phone/tablet you need a system that runs on all devices, so a complete web based program will solve that problem.  It also means that all files are held centrally so any changes do not have to be rolled out to all engineers


List of features for fully mobile job sheet program


The Admin/Job Management portal


where the “administrator” can log in, and do the following


  • Create new mobile users


  • Create new jobs, with comments, reference info, invoice address, site address, and assign to a specific mobile user


  • View all completed entries against that job by the mobile user





Engineer Portal (via mobile or tablet)




  • Engineer log in




  • See all the jobs assigned to them




  • Select a job, add time spent, parts used, comments.




  • Enter text about additional work required




For more information about our completely mobile job sheet application then please call Phil on 0117 3035183

If you wish to have a program that creates job sheets  and much much more then it may be worth looking at our range of desk top products













Marketing - are you legal?

The information that follows is for advice and does not constitute legal advice , if you are in any doubt about your compliance or how you work then please seek legal advice.


There are 2 laws you have to be aware of when sending out marketing material, the Data Protection Act and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regualtions.

The Data Protection Act

Any one who processes personal information must comply with eight principals to make sure that personal information is:

  • Fairly and lawfully processed
  • Processes for limited purposes
  • Adequate, relevant and not excessive
  • Accurate and up to date
  • Not kept for longer than is necessary
  • Processed in line with your rights
  • Secure
  • Not Transferred to other countries without adequate protection.

Full details of the eight principals are found at the ICO

The DPA requires any organisation from large corporations to sole traders need to register if they are processing personal information.  Not sure if you need to register then there is a quick online  self assessment which you can take to see if you have to register.  Online Self Assessment


Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations PECR

If you wish to contact your existing customers or market to potential customers ten you will need  to comply with the following regulations which changed on 26th May 2011

The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations apply to you if you send marketing and advertising  material by electronic means such as telephone, fax, email, texts and an automated calling systems.

New Rules on Cookies

A cookie also known as a web cookie or browser cookie is a bit of data that a website puts on your computer for future reference.  So when you go back to that website the site already knows a bit about you such as your browsing habits, when you last came to site.  Cookies them selves cannot contain viruses or install malware and are traditionally used to make your experience with the website more pleasurable and more tailored to you. 

For full cookie information and compliance see the following


The Data Protection Act applies to you if you are processing personal data i.e. if you know the name of that person, if you do not know their name then Data Protection does not apply however if after you call you know their name then the DPA applies.

Solicited and Unsolicited

A Solicited message is a message that your customers have actively invited or signed up for, an unsolicited message is one where they have not actively invited but do not object to receiving.  However they must have opted in at some point to receiving messages from you and you must have proof of this.


An individual must knowingly give consent to hear from you  read more...

Opting in and opting Out

The method by which you obtain consent may vary but in all cases people you contact must be aware that they are consenting and what exactly they are consenting too..  Not clear then see more...






UK solar PV demand reached 520MW in Q1 2013 - Solar Power Portal

According to an article published by Finlay Colville on the Solar Panel Portal  demand in the United Kingdom (UK)  for  solar photovoltaic (PV) panels  grew significantly to reach 520MW in the first quarter of 2013.  This raise has been driven by a strong push from large-scale ground-mount PV projects completed during March 2013. Cumulative PV demand in the UK has now exceeded 2.5GW, with 93% of this demand having being realised in the past two years,

The UK PV industry is benefiting from funding mechanism for both residential and non-residential segments through solar-specific feed-in tariff (FiT) and Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) incentives

For full article by the Finlay Colville.. More