Business Automation Software

Everything to automate your business from Job sheets to full job management and job tracking

Customer Web Portal

On-line Web Portal Saves Time & Improves Customer Satisfaction

The Customer Web Portal is an optional addition the the BusinessFlow Online Software System. The web portal links certain information in real time directly with a series of web pages that the client can access with their own name and password. They can only access their own jobs and only the sites you give them permission for. More...

Sub-Contractors - Online Mobile Worker Portal

Effective On-line Web Portal Ensures Contractor & Engineer reports are easily submitted

How much time is spent getting contractors and engineers to submit their job sheets and reports about the work they have completed. Not getting the information in a timely way makes you look bad to your clients, delays invoicing and wastes time following up. An easy to use web portal makes it simple for them to give you the feedback that you need...... More...

Sub-Contractors - Tracking Performance

Do you work with sub-contractors?

How do you rate and track sub-contractors' performance on each job?

The ability to rate each visit made by a sub-contractor on a job by job basis will provide a very effective method to identify the best and worse performing sub-contractors...... More...

Sub-Contractors - Searching and Selecting

Do you work with sub-contractors across the country to fulfill your contracts?

How do you find the right skills in the right areas?

Select Job Management software which has a comprehensive system for recording, searching and tracking sub-contractors using postcodes, skills, times and preference. This will make your business more effective and professional  ..... More...

Improving Communications with SMS text messaging

Improving Customer Satisfaction:

There are many reasons to keep your customers, employees and contractors updated with the latest job progress or changes to the work or schedule for which you or they have been contracted. You might even have the need to contact and keep updated your customer's customer say for example to arrange an appointment or change to a visit. Whatever the reason;. keeping everyone informed with the latest job updates is essential to maintain and deliver a positive customer experience. 

Customer Updates are particularly important and how and when you update them will depend upon your customer's expectations, the industry, the type of work and the technology you have access to. More...

What is Business Automation

Reducing time and effort to complete all the Steps in Your Business Process from Sales to Invoicing:

A great way to think of business automation is to imagine all the “steps” in your business (e.g. from the start of your sales process to enquiries, creating & delivering the product to invoicing and payment) as the water flowing in a river. Sharp bends, mud banks, narrows, rocks, and weirs in the river all delay its progress and the speed of which the water (the steps in your business) will ultimately reach the sea. In a similar way how a new enquiry gets recorded, turned into a new order, product created, packaged and delivered will have a big impact on customer satisfaction, business efficiency, staffing levels and ultimately profitability. Like the river, if you can remove obstacles, to make the journey straighter and to widen the pinch points..... your business will reap the benefits! More...

Customer signatures

Capturing customers signatures after your engineer/field operative has done the required work is becoming more important to a business. Originally confined to the likes of delivery companies with their special hand devices,  well this is no longer the case as businesses can now capture signatures with nothing more than a mobile phone and BusinessFlow mobile web pages.  The signature can be checked and redone if necessary and then attached to all paperwork and emailed back to the office - what could be simpler


To find out more about capturing customer signatures call us on 0117 3035183 or visit our website




BusinessFlow PRO - Solar Calculator

BusinessFlow Solar Pro is designed specifically for UK Solar panel installers. It's a small Windows based program where users enter the customer and solar panel system details and with the click of a button produces example payback report. Easily add quotation and order forms*. Can be modified  to ensure you meet any industry and association requirements.


  • Business Flow Solar Calculator is based on the UK MIS3002 


  • Fill-in the 'built-in' sunpath diagram, which is exported to the quotation.  By clicking on a arein the Sunpath diagram which will turn red when selected the system automatically calculates the shading factor


The Solar Calculator has a set of default payback assumptions which can easily be modified and used in the pay back calculations which are vital to your customers.


Frequently asked to quote for more then one installation? so your customers can decide which installation is best for them.  BusinessFlow Solar Calculator allows you to quote up to 3 solar installations, all details will then beexported out to your quote.


All documentation is produced as a PDF and although there are default template provided with the software we can customise your documentation to suit your business and is included in the £150 + VAT one off price.  See our website for full details and where you can buy this amazing Solar Calculator

Considerations for Choosing Business Automation

Things to look out for when selecting software include:

Selecting the right tools and software will greatly assist in achieving a smooth transition. 

  • System Flexibility – is the software flexible enough to accommodate your way of working or do you have to compromise to accommodate the software? Improving the business workflow by definition means changing the way things will be done, but for good business reasons not a piece of software.
  • System outputs (documents / reports) – The goal of a paperless business has been around for a very long time, but in reality documentation needs to be produced at key stages. Does the system allow you to design and create your own templates or does the vendor need to do this for you?
  • Integration with Web, Mobiles and PC’s – We already mentioned flexibility, but the flexibility to connect to the system database using web portals, PC’s and Mobile web pages is becoming more and more critical and this is especially true if you have remote field engineers and sales staff.
  • Ease of use – the system should be easy to learn and intuitive. While this might seem an obvious thing to say, yet every company will say their software is easy to use, but “words are cheap” and this certainly isn’t the case in practice. Give it a full test drive, show the software working to colleagues and get there feedback.
  • Vendor support – what is the vendors after sales support policy and how do they actually perform. Always ask for references where you can call an existing customer for first-hand experience. If you have a system problem then you want to be sure that the vendors technical support engineer will be available at the end of the phone immediately or certainly within the hour.