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A Job sheet or sometimes referred to as a job card is a document used by many businesses to document the work required to be completed by employees and engineers. The employee will complete the work and then write their results and comments on the jobs sheet which is returned back to their manager / office for further processing.

The job sheets is set out in a particular layout to suit the needs of a business. It will contain the relevant information related to the job which the staff / engineer which they will use as the basis to complete the job. The job sheet might include such things as: the customer address, any job reference information such as order number and drawing number. The job sheet can also include parts required on the job as well as any drawings,

There should be sufficient room on the job sheet for the staff / engineer to complete notes about the work that they have completed, the parts used and depending on the function of the sheet; the times spent on the job. Some job sheets have a section to capture the customers signature which should represent their satisfaction with the work completed.

The job sheet is by far the most concise and simplest way to track the steps and history of a job as it progresses through the various business process steps.

What is a job sheet template?

A job sheet template is a 'master' copy of the job sheet which contains all the layout and design elements which can be used to produce the job sheet time and time again. There is adequate space in the design for the job notes, times worked, parts used etc. 

The name "job sheet" is a common name which can cover a whole range of business documentation across a wide range of industries. Other names given to business forms and documentation could be: work sheets, time sheets, certificates, invoices, order sheet, quotation sheet, business sheet, in fact any business document that is used to record any business process information and is then passed on for further annotation by other employees.

Job sheets are often very specific to the needs of each business. So having a good free job sheet template as a starting point can save a lot of time and give you an idea of how to format them.  

If you are interested in having professional job sheets let us design them for you - FOR FREE! When you use our Mobile Jobsheet System: It has a simple Management Web Portal which is linked to your mobile engineers & staff. Your mobile engineers & staff use either our Android(TM) App or our Apple(TM) App to capture: notes, times worked, parts used, images, customer signatures and then simply upload the jobs back to the management web portal where the system stores the data and produces a bespoke job sheet based on your design and is emailed to your office

Use our Mobile Jobsheet System where you choose either Apple or Android devices or a mixture of both .. for complete offline job sheet completion and signature capture. SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE

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Our Mobile Jobsheet System is going from strength to strength and now with the addition of our new Apple App, along with our Android App, enables mobile users to work completely "off-line" without internet access. This allows them to complete jobs sheets and capture signatures whenever and wherever your customers are located.

You choose Apple or Android devices or a mixture of both .. for complete offline job sheet completion and signature capture. SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE

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Customer Web Portal

On-line Web Portal Saves Time & Improves Customer Satisfaction

The Customer Web Portal is an optional addition the the BusinessFlow Online Software System. The web portal links certain information in real time directly with a series of web pages that the client can access with their own name and password. They can only access their own jobs and only the sites you give them permission for. More...

Sub-Contractors - Online Mobile Worker Portal

Effective On-line Web Portal Ensures Contractor & Engineer reports are easily submitted

How much time is spent getting contractors and engineers to submit their job sheets and reports about the work they have completed. Not getting the information in a timely way makes you look bad to your clients, delays invoicing and wastes time following up. An easy to use web portal makes it simple for them to give you the feedback that you need...... More...

Sub-Contractors - Tracking Performance

Do you work with sub-contractors?

How do you rate and track sub-contractors' performance on each job?

The ability to rate each visit made by a sub-contractor on a job by job basis will provide a very effective method to identify the best and worse performing sub-contractors...... More...

Sub-Contractors - Searching and Selecting

Do you work with sub-contractors across the country to fulfill your contracts?

How do you find the right skills in the right areas?

Select Job Management software which has a comprehensive system for recording, searching and tracking sub-contractors using postcodes, skills, times and preference. This will make your business more effective and professional  ..... More...

Improving Communications with SMS text messaging

Improving Customer Satisfaction:

There are many reasons to keep your customers, employees and contractors updated with the latest job progress or changes to the work or schedule for which you or they have been contracted. You might even have the need to contact and keep updated your customer's customer say for example to arrange an appointment or change to a visit. Whatever the reason;. keeping everyone informed with the latest job updates is essential to maintain and deliver a positive customer experience. 

Customer Updates are particularly important and how and when you update them will depend upon your customer's expectations, the industry, the type of work and the technology you have access to. More...

What is Business Automation

Reducing time and effort to complete all the Steps in Your Business Process from Sales to Invoicing:

A great way to think of business automation is to imagine all the “steps” in your business (e.g. from the start of your sales process to enquiries, creating & delivering the product to invoicing and payment) as the water flowing in a river. Sharp bends, mud banks, narrows, rocks, and weirs in the river all delay its progress and the speed of which the water (the steps in your business) will ultimately reach the sea. In a similar way how a new enquiry gets recorded, turned into a new order, product created, packaged and delivered will have a big impact on customer satisfaction, business efficiency, staffing levels and ultimately profitability. Like the river, if you can remove obstacles, to make the journey straighter and to widen the pinch points..... your business will reap the benefits! More...

Customer signatures

Capturing customers signatures after your engineer/field operative has done the required work is becoming more important to a business. Originally confined to the likes of delivery companies with their special hand devices,  well this is no longer the case as businesses can now capture signatures with nothing more than a mobile phone and BusinessFlow mobile web pages.  The signature can be checked and redone if necessary and then attached to all paperwork and emailed back to the office - what could be simpler


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